Humans are complex creatures. We play different roles, with family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. We have different personas in internet circles. We have thoughts to ourselves on topics that we’d like to share with someone who will understand.

This is the place where I vent in my role as techie, nerd, and geek. I’ll comment here on technical things that I think are cool or stupid. I’ll share details about what I learn. I’ll share my joy when things work, my frustration when they do not, and information that may be valuable to others working with the same tools.

I’ll share links to forums, blogs, articles, videos, code repositories, and any other resource that seems helpful.

I will also invite people to collaborate on content, to discuss some topic through to a conclusion, or to post something unique on one of the defined categories. Part of being a techie is learning new skills and perspectives, learning why we might (not) want to use some technologies.

Let the Techie Fun begin!

Topics include…

LAMP : Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP
Systems and Networks : OpenStack, Ansible, ISPConfig
Software Development : Including C#, JavaScript / TypeScript, PHP, Visual Studio Code, and other tools
Databases : Including Pick / MultiValue MVDBMS
WordPress : Including Administration, ecosystem, plugins, development
Free and Open Source Software : Including specific FOSS packages and the industry
Minecraft plugin development : Grakkit, Spigot, Bukkit, ScriptCraftJS