Hi! I’m Tony Gravagno. I became a tech nerd in high school in 1978. I’ve learned over 20 programming languages, and many frameworks, protocols, and platforms. I’ve worked with all kinds of hardware and software, utilities, business applications, and business models. I enjoy creating software and systems that do cool things – to me that’s fun.

The company I started back in 2000 is Nebula Research and Development, cuz that’s what I do – I research technology and then I develop tools and applications. This blog is my place for sharing related notes, successes and failures, and details about what I’m learning as I go.

Keep an eye on dates across this site because I plan to go back and edit content to keep it relevant. But I’ll leave the notes of joy and pain because that’s a part of the process. If you find something that’s incorrect or out of date, please let me know and I’ll put it in a task list of content to update – heck, I’ll probably even publish my blog-related task list.

This site is built on WordPress. I’ve been working casually with WP for many years and have a good deal of expertise. You’ll see a lot on this topic.

Some categories here are tough to organize. I’ll do my best to avoid putting too much content into multiple categories, and I’ll make use of tags to help link content. If you can’t find something, please let me know.

The plan is to add fun and helpful features to this site but there shouldn’t too many toys. This is about technology, it’s not a playground. If you believe some site features would be helpful, like for search and organization, please let me know.

Please let me know if you’d like to see more content on specific topics, based on what you already see here. But I tend to write about what I do, so if I’m not actually using or researching tools, you won’t see notes about them here.

And what’s this thing about Minecraft? That’s a guilty pleasure. I enjoy playing Minecraft and I enjoy writing game-related code. I’m no expert and I haven’t published mods or plugins yet – this blog is a starting place for that adventure.

You see a lot of “please let me know” notes here. I’d like this site to be interactive. Your feedback is welcome. I plan to have guest bloggers here at some point. Please comment with links to relevant content, corrections, tips, tools, questions, and videos. Let’s learn from one another … and have some fun!